RastaReef Sunglasses

Artist Embellished Limited Edition Shades
To Set The Pace & Save Your Eyes In Style.

Super Cool High Quality Eyewear At Such Insanely
Affordable Prices You Can Own A Dozen Pairs.

These Classic Retro ‘Wayfarer’ Style Sunglasses Are Both Super Sturdy & Environmentally Friendly.

Made From a Premium Blend of First Generation RECYCLED polycarbonate, Rasta Reef’s Limited Edition Artist Designed Graphic Frames

Not Only Look Irie & Chic AF, They are Durable, Super Lightweight, and Way Comfortable.

Our Lenses offer UV400 Protection and Blocks Out 100% of Both Harmful UVA & UVB Sunlight, well exceeding FDA safety standards.

Our Tinted Standard and Mirror lenses are made from the Highest Quality Polycarbonate available; our Polarized Lenses are made from triacetyl cellulose. All of our custom sunglasses lenses are designed for superior eye protection and an enhanced optical experience.

Standard Tints: Cool Smoke or Warm Amber.

Polarized Tints: Cool Smoke or Warm Amber.

Cool Smoke is the Classic & Always Popular Cool Grey You’ve Seen & Worn a Hundred Times.

Warm Amber puts a Delicious & Comfy Organic Tint To This Already Way Too Blue World.

All Plain, Polarized & Mirrored Lenses will be either Cool Smoke or Warm Amber – according to your choice.

If You Surf, Ski, Sail, Fish, or Just Go To The Beach (or are anywhere where it gets seriously sunny) Then Our Polarized Lenses Are A Highly Recommended Choice.

The Mirror Lens Surface Colors:

MIDNIGHT is that Rich, Royal Midnight Indigo.

OCEAN is that Happy, Spiritual Sky Blue that Just Says It’s a Beautiful Day.

SUNSET RUSH has the Torrid Blush of a Summer Sunset, putting that Sensuous Fire in Your Eyes.

AU79 has a Rich Retro Jade Green & Gold glow that whispers Adventure, Jungle, Spies, and Serious Mystery.

Rasta Reef Unisex Frame Dimensions are 5.6? wide, 1.9? high, and Will Pretty Much Fit Anyone Comfortably…
Rasta Reef Sunglasses all have patented  ‘Snap & Click’ hinges that are uniquely engineered without the use of screws and springs.

This means no metal pieces to rust or break, and no more tiny screws coming loose & falling out!

These Solid Hinges are specifically designed to release under pressure (say, if a coconut lands on them while you’re out surfing,  or you blow that massive Half Pipe move, or like, sit on them), and can easily be reset with a quick “Snap & Click.”