The RR Legend



Rasta Reef – Island Vibrations 


From Those Who Embrace the Flowing Freedom of a Life  Inspired & Energized by the Ocean’s Beauty, and for Those Who Choose the Mellow Path of the Soulful Brethren of the Sea – comes the Delightful & Practical Graphic Creations of Rasta Reef. 

Inspired by the Blissful Rhythms of the Gemlike Islands of theTurquoise Caribbean Sea, both Reggae & Rasta Culture have gone on to Spread Its Joyful Philosophy Worldwide. 

The Beautiful Rastafarian Spiritual Concept of One Love Vibration has grown to influence Art, Culture, & Music in every corner of the planet.

Today Reggae Music is Equally Popular in Holland, Thailand, Hawaii, Brazil, Russia, Kenya, Japan, Costa Rica, and New Zealand.

Wherever Happy People Embrace the Easy Flowing Rhythms & Mellow Natural Lifestyle is where you can find The Spirit of The Rastamon.

Nowadays The Reggae Vibe is as much at home in every tropical climate of the world as it is in the West Indies, and has Found a Home in Nearly Every Country on Every Continent.

The Spirit of Rasta is Truly Everywhere.


Keeping True To Jah Roots

Rasta Reef connects from the 21st century directly back to the early 1970’s, the golden era that was the most authentically soulful & down-home period in worldwide surfing history.  This was also the time when the first wave of Reggae Music swept across the oceans and the airwaves of the world.

Hungry for perfect waves, international surf gypsy explorers of the late 1960s first discovered and rode the amazing unknown breaks of the Caribbean.

From the beautiful winter waves of Puerto Rico and Barbados surfing eventually spread across the entire Caribbean, and traveling surfers who frequented the West Indian islands became the first to carry the Reggae Music and The Spirit of  Rasta with them wherever they went.

Decades later, in today’s high pressure, high technology world preserving a connection to that free & easy island lifestyle becomes more important than ever.

The True Heart of Rasta still lives & breathes in the inspired community of those who embrace, create, and enjoy the island spirit of Rasta Reef. Let’s take that beautiful ride together, to the Higher Heights of the One Love!

We invite you to Get Up & Stand Up for Life’s Positive Vibration. Join our world-wide ocean loving family by putting on a Rasta Reef creation and make a clear statement  about the Beauty of Your Soul and The Power of  Jah  Love.


Richard Arthur Love 



While the creation of Rasta Reef is connected to an entire community of creative souls, inspiration and guidance for Rasta Reef comes from someone who truly represents a pure source.

Internationally known for decades by his nickname ‘Caribe’, Richard Arthur Love’s experience and lifestyle is the stuff of modern legends.

As a surfer who grew up in Hawaii and California, Caribe first moved to the West Indies in 1970.

There he joined a handful of international surf travelers on the island of Barbados, and in a few short years had managed to visit every single island & country whose shoreline connected to the Caribbean Sea.

He would go on to discover and ride the amazing &  virtually unlimited empty surf spots he found there, including riding the largest winter swell ever recorded (well over 25 feet) in the West Indies (at two epic Bajan cloud breaks over a mile out to sea; Duppie Umbrella & Outside Maycocks Reef).

Both Caribe’s connections to the Hollywood music industry and his partnership in a major Caribbean nightclub help to connect him to a network of the top Jamaican record producers & musicians at the precise  moment of reggae’s historic major breakout onto the international music scene.

He eventually promoted concerts in Barbados with the Third World Band, was a guest at Bob Marley’s house in Jamaica, became good friends with Peter Tosh, Augustus Pablo, Winston Rodney, and  leading members of the Rolling Stones, who were his guests in Barbados and were recording in Jamaica at that time.